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NoiseCollectorThe Last Word (June 19, 2001)

something has gone horribly wrong 8-p
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This is the last video for the Immense Explosion Apparatus, which I hope to have slightly remixed and mostly remastered and published soon. The beginning shows the hypocrisy of race in politics again, this time with the help of Wasserman Schultz and Dan Rather. Dan rather makes the gaffe of the century in front of Chris Mathews and Mathews even quickly talks over him to distract the train wreck on his desk. Wasserman says the GOP wants to go back to Jim Crow laws, which were democrat party policy from before the civil war, through reconstruction, and on through the civil rights era when suddenly they became the defenders of minorities (defenders of the votes they need to take over this country is more like it). Waters doesn't know if anti-administration protesters are racist. Thanks for keeping a small portion of doubt!

The music and video is inspired by observations of politics and race during June 2011, both on TV and in day to day interactions. I read this while in the hospital on morphine and forgot about it till a while later. Sounds like a segregationist to me.

Cedric Brown, 43, moved from San Francisco to Oakland in 2009, when he got married. He loves being surrounded by "other folks who have a similar cultural heritage and experience," says Brown, who is black and the CEO of the Mitchell Kapor Foundation, which works with low-income minority communities.


That is what got me writing this creation, along with some notes I wrote about Chris Mathews not calling someones bullshit about white supremacy on May 17th. I had started taking notice every time someone on the hate machine known as MSNBC called tea party people (libertarians, anyone opposed to socialism, etc) crazy. Equating them with christian fundamentalists and basically labelling moderates, conservatives (fiscal and social) and independent voters as idiots or even evil is the constant them at MSNBC, at least until their budget runs out and they start showing the most boring prison documentaries I have ever seen. Wonder why they show that every night.... prison state, seems ironic.

Then one fine day, I am at Walmart and some employee is talking to a customer about how he has more financial opportunities because of this racist, sexist, country. At this point, I had had enough of people assuming you are a Marxist in a public place and spouting off leftist talking points. Like the time the woman at the sandwich shop told me the government shut down scare was because there was a black man in the white house, leaving me to explain how many times things had ground to a halt in the past, all under white presidents of both parties... or the jerk off in the head shop who assumes because I am there buying cartridges for a vaporizer that I want to hear him insult people who believe in all 10 amendments and not just the ones convenient to him. Anyway, I cannot help myself and interject into the conversation with real life experience of being passed over for promotions at a company for 4 years straight of perfect attendance, top performance, management experience, and qualifications. I told a tale of a time when I left that company who had promoted people that I had trained before me and went to another company that did not get tax breaks for affirmative action and within 3 years had been promoted and gotten significant raises 4 times. I finished off the stunned debater with the story of how I work in an office that is half female but all three managers are women.

Then it all culminates in one night of flipping back and forth between new networks...

I do not like the right wing religious like view but I can understand why people are passionate about abortion. After seeing my profile in a prenatal ultrasound on the face of my son at the age when some babies are aborted, I get it. I am less concerned about an inbred, product of incest or rape being aborted in the early stages if there is a chance of hurting or killing the mother, but seriously, how many times does that happen? Why are these religious people so all or nothing on this? Then here comes Rachel Maddow in the middle of a hate republicans and paint them all into white, racist, bigot, homophobic, box fest on MSNBC. She goes so far as to call them a freakshow, but that is not what really set me off. The person filling in for the fucktard before her was impersonating her perfectly. Using her verbal pausing and presumptions prefixes to her tirades in an amazingly successful imitation. The same anti elephant graphics, the same contentious arrogant dismissal, it was truly nauseating. Ed Schultz then makes a ridiculous connection between Glen Beck pointing towards the president and his pal Saul when demonstrating why we need to protect our 2nd amendment rights. He quickly dumped that far stretch for a more easier to define target and switched to talkshow host name Boortz who made corny statements and used the word "yo" which is racist, unless you are a white rapper. The comments were about carjacking and arming oneself to kill thugs, since Ed seems to think only black people are capable of car jacking in Atlanta I will just play his game and call him racist. Racist cocksucker Ed, has a nice ring to it, like "talk slut". Regardless of whether or not the last incident was racist, he painted "racist righty" on 70% of the population who disagree with his radical left wing views. He then says conservatives are never held accountable for comments... like Imus, Rush, Dr Laura, etc.... yeah. Google that.

Meanwhile on Fox, who at least put up some liberals to debate them, O'Reilly claims to not know what Keynesian economics was. He went to Harvard? He is against legalizing marijuana too. Click back to the commie channel. Not one voice of opposition in 3 hours. I am loosing sleep and in shock. Maddow has one "moderate" republican on and they dance around the blasting comments she likes to make immediately before and after putting on a non liberal. I have to listen to Allen Colmes defend Anthony Weiner, who I watched say he believes all private industry insurance companies should be replaced by the government... really google it. I switch to comedy at some point. I am glad that I was not the only one to catch Colbert stop himself for saying "spade" while talking to Henry Kissinger, but I imagine there are even some that will see his last minute self censorship as an intentional racist comment. Actually, I only see one mention of it besides this one in google. Go find it yourself and watch it. He is about to use the previously common term, "let's call a spade a spade" which is the equivalent of "if it walks like a duck..." (which is still acceptable... I think). He stops himself, however, when he realizes people who get offended by terms like "black whole" at city council meetings might accuse him of being racist. With the left wing nuts like Ed Schultz calling anti-union actions "anti-worker" and "anti-middle" class, these people like to paint a broad brush label on things to demonize them. They can even make a corrupt organization that fights for already existing rights by extortion of their own members and those where they set up "shop" look like a victim. Right. Where are the woman's suffrage and abolition groups these days? Oh that's right, the law protects them now... kinda like labor laws. Maybe we should google them. Oh snap, unions are obsolete too! Let's keep paying dues, driving up labor costs, and shipping jobs overseas, yay!

Now it's back to Fox because I cannot sleep at this point. The biggest target of the left starts to use his usual props to show his trademark chalkboard links between left wing power brokers and world events. This is what really drives the left nuts but then Beck, the crying buffoon, hands them a gift wrapped present from loony land. A reverse pointing debate rifle... he starts talking about how God is directly involved with the current events. It's like watching someone die on stage during a standup routine. He goes further into it and the show starts sounding more like a 700 Club time share event than an individual rights self help seminar. Left wing globalist conspiracies with a dash of bearded guy in the clouds like Clash of the Titans... thanks. Back to Chris Mathews and more anti-GOP imagery... he throws in a comment about the charges against John Edwards being trumped up. At this point I start thinking I am in bizarro world. The creepiest thing of all is that both channels were thwarting my attempt to avoid commercials by syncing the breaks... at one point they were not only showing commercials at the same time but showing the same exact commercials at the same time. Aluminum wallets and penny auctions are paying both sides of the war to fight each other.... weird. Oh wait, we do that in the middle east all the time.

This will be the last of it's kind. I was going to try and put all this into text like the other videos but it would have been a bit much and so for my health, my time, and my sanity, I present you with the inspired simplistic multimedia version of audio visual blasphemy that is the Immense Explosion Apparatus... that's it. In a world where electronic friends you have never met are more important to ones you know a century and where turning off the music your 13 year old listens to on the radio and putting on a 25 year old Metallica CD lowers the lyric rating from R to PG... yes this is really happening. Enjoy the show!

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Producer: NoiseCollector
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Keywords: Immense Explosion Apparatus; NoiseCollector; politics; irony; hypocrisy; apostisy; prostate; populist; democrat; republican; socialism; bias; MSNBC; Foxnews; dick cheney; dick army; dick van dyke; dick sargeant; dick tracey; chris mathews; chris hayes or haynes or some shit; rachel madcow; dan blathering idiot; kinky hair wasserman schultz; ed schultz; ed shultz; ed schlutz; schlitz malt liquor; jimmy carter; ancient aliens; ufo; obama; maxine walters; maxie priest; maxie pad; walmart; racism; watermelon; politically correct; colbert; coalbear; leprechaun; factor; oreilly; keynes; economics; USA Today; insanity; let me off; i want it to stop; morphine; hospital

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Reviewer: NoiseCollector - - January 17, 2012
Subject: True Story
I was there!

Reviewer: splue - 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars - June 24, 2011
Subject: polimorphically perverse prescience
perkily pulsating among particularly polarized political photon torpedoes

5 splue lemondrops 4 u!!!!! awesome!! +this music- montage is vry groovy

NC i am glad u r morphinefree & back in action!!!
i see our old "pal" is back 2 stir the pot again...pathetic like a bandeeto in thee sky

attn "bert biggun of texas city" it will be beautiful music when my black stilettos meet ur crotch, F^CKTARD!!!

NC & i hav no time for t_tus-wannabees like u--we pull ur felt wings off & feed u 2 hungry tardjihadists 4 laffs---LOL

what have u ever created except birth remorse?

Reviewer: bertbiggun - 1.00 out of 5 stars - June 23, 2011
Subject: More like "worst word"
This is without a doubt one of the worst video compilations I have ever had the misfortune to waste time and bandwidth on. Whoever left that five-star review must have been a friend of the idiot who authored this piece of crap. Too bad they don't offer a negative star option.